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Donald Trump agreed to work with Congress to make a DACA deal, in exchange for funding for his border wall. Unfortunately, no forwards actions have been made regarding the issue. DACA recipients are waiting restlessly for any news regarding their fate.


May 3, 2018
Many Cliffside Park High School students were angered by a comment  made by an English teacher about speaking American.


January 30, 2018
Driving Your Performance, Gas Engine Construction and Operation, Electrical Systems, Air Conditioning and Electrical Accessories, Automotive Brake Systems, Automotive Steering and  Suspension Systems are the courses offered to receive the total 29.5 credits in an Automotive Mechanics Program.

[PHOTO] Tuning up

January 13, 2017
Lou Barlow and Eric Gaffney of Sebadoh at Webster Hall, 2007 tour.

[PHOTO] Requesting a song

December 23, 2015
Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Album


November 18, 2015
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