Swastika findings won’t stop until we make them


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Multiple swastikas were found in Glen Rock Middle and High Schools. This hateful vandalism will not stop until our social environment changes.

The swastika is an international representation of the hatred, horrors, and shameful history of the Holocaust. As this is its true definition, why are these symbols popping up all over Glen Rock Middle and High Schools?

In our opinion, these recent findings are reflective of the vandals’ social environment and lack of understanding. Since the symbol is inherently provocative, students may feel that drawing it is bold and attention-grabbing, without necessarily understanding the pain that it inflicts. 

Dating back to 1920, the swastika has been used as a form of hate speech against Jews, in accordance with symbolic historical use. However, the recent findings of multiple swastikas in school bathrooms are not the first time hate crimes have been prevalent in Glen Rock. These instances continue from findings in the high school in June 2019, as well as terroristic threats made against the Glen Rock Public Library in early October. 
Our generation tends to embrace a culture of dark, mocking jokes. Though the recent anti-Semitic graffiti may pass itself off as one such joke, in its core, it is deep-rooted hatred, and a culture that a Blue Ribbon School especially should not be associated with. Despite their efforts to combat this vandalism, administration and the Glen Rock police have been unsuccessful in eradicating these acts of hate, due to students’ personal desires to contribute to inappropriate humor. 

Administration cannot fight this issue with PowerPoints. In order for this vandalism to finally cease, we first must alter the culture we foster socially. Until we as kids deem it unacceptable to promote racist and antisemitic symbols, the ongoing findings of hateful graffiti will not stop.