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How much faith is there in the art of journalism?

by Michael Taromina, Sports Beat Manager | March 7, 2021

There is no doubt that the “art” of journalism is a historical adumbration that has been prevalent on local, national, and international bases since the beginning of human synergy. With the turn of the twenty-first century, the average person began to spend roughly seven and a half hours per day...

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Mindfulness Committee creates ‘Less Stress’ Schoology group, available to all students
Mindfulness Committee creates ‘Less Stress’ Schoology group, available to all students
by Ryan LeBlanc, Social Media Manager (Instagram) • February 23, 2021
New virtual schedule excites students
New virtual schedule excites students
by Cole Tennant, Web Manager • February 17, 2021

Glen Rock High School was forced back into quarantine late this January after COVID-19 numbers rose. From Jan. 21 to Feb....

Escalante, a familiar face around Glen Rock High School as a gym teacher, has taken over Mr. Pepe
Former gym teacher takes over as Acting Middle School Assistant Principal
by Yethmie Goonatilleke, Social Media Manager (Twitter) • February 8, 2021

For those who know Mr. Michael Escalante, you probably recognize him as the teacher leading “Tabata” — the famed gym...

Winter slideshow postponed
by Ryan LeBlanc, Social Media Manager (Instagram) • January 14, 2021

The winter slideshow has been a tradition for many years at Glen Rock High School. It is an extraordinary experience for...

‘Bachelor’ hometowns set up exciting ending to season
March 5, 2021
Multiple members of the hockey team laced up the skates for pick up pond hockey at Celery Farms lake in Allendale, New Jersey.
A student athlete’s experience with being contact traced
by Alex Vicinanza, Managing Editor • February 11, 2021

It was a special Tuesday night in my house as my family ate skirt steak and mashed potatoes. We were eating a special dinner...

COVID-19 vaccine recipients receive a card to log the dates of when they received their first and second doses.
Students voice their opinions on COVID-19 vaccine in survey
by Michael Silver, Managing Editor • February 5, 2021

The United States has begun distributing the COVID-19 vaccine, but the unknown of it has caused many people to hesitate receiving...

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