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Hollywood is coming to Glen Rock

by Olivia Berard, Copy Editor | November 24, 2021

California-based editor and director Barry Rubinow will return to his hometown to conclude a feature film about Glen Rock High School alumni with successful music careers on Dec. 2.  The eight group members will rehearse for a concert that Glen Rock High alumni will be attending in the evening. Rubinow...

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Students are relieved of stress by spending time in the brand new Wellness Center.
Wellness center emerges as new student hotspot
by Louisa Billingsley, Social Media Manager • November 8, 2021
Seniors revive faltering French Club
Seniors revive faltering French Club
by Rohan Jonnalagadda, Staff Writer • November 8, 2021

The French Club was resurrected on Oct. 6 after a year of inactivity by seniors in the French program this year. Due to...

Student-run ASL group breaks common club practice
by Romy Timem, Staff Writer • November 8, 2021

Soe Behar, founder and president of the new ASL group, paves the path for student run GRHS clubs and interest groups. On...

The Race To Trenton: NJ 2021 Governors Election
The Race To Trenton: NJ 2021 Governor's Election
by Davian Gekman, Staff Writer • October 22, 2021

The days are winding down till Nov. 2. The governor’s position is up for grabs, as Incumbent-Democratic Candidate Phil...

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Employee shortage prompts significant change
November 8, 2021
New teachers take on Glen Rock
by Olivia Berard, Copy Editor • November 8, 2021

Imagine yourself as a new teacher in the bustling halls of a new school. You have multiple classes throughout the day with...

Sophomore girls get ready to march in the parade.
Homecoming: Then and Now
by Cadia Warner, Feature Editor • November 8, 2021

It’s a chilly Friday night. You’re in the bleachers, flooding with chants of support and school pride. Homecoming: one...

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