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Editorial Board 2020-2021

Adviser: Ms. Jaretsky

Editors-in-Chief: Yethmie Goonatilleke

Managing Editor: TBD

Copy Editor: Olivia Berard

“To turn each echo into a roar.”

Mission Statement: Our mission is to accurately and authentically share student and community news, big or small, to inform others of misfortunes, but also our greatest triumphs.

The Glen Echo is committed to providing factual and relevant news to the Glen Rock High School community and the Borough of Glen Rock. All of the articles are written by students.  We are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of journalistic integrity and pioneering new ways of delivering high-quality journalism. We encourage creativity and helping students to mature in their writing. We aim to enhance the school environment and increase camaraderie among the student body through informative and timely news.

The Glen Echo, 2020-2021

The Glen Echo has become the voice of Glen Rock, with people discussing the articles published by the staff on many social media outlets.

The newspaper and its staff have received numerous awards over the years, and many Journalism students have gone on to study Journalism, Communications, or English in college.

We continue to strive for the best as a news organization this year like all others!

Social Media Policy

Purpose: To inform and engage the student body and report information at a quicker and more relevant time.  

The Glen Echo social media accounts will promote and publish content.

Social media will help engage the high school community with relevant news regarding Glen Rock.

For statistic-based polls, users grant permission for their responses to be used.

The student-run social media operators hold themselves to an appropriate and ethical standard. They will post engaging and factual information relating to events and article for the Glen Echo. 

Advertising Policy

The Glen Echo will offer advertising to all local business and groups in order to raise funds for opportunities to participate in journalism workshops and activities. All ads will be reviewed by the editorial board. The Glen Echo will not accept personal advertisements. The Glen Echo does not necessarily endorse the ads appearing on our website.

If you are interested in advertising with the Glen Echo e-mail [email protected]  or [email protected].

Or send us mail at:

Glen Rock High School

620 Harristown Road

Glen Rock, NJ, 07452

Controversial Issues Policy

Potential Controversial issues will be reviewed by the editorial board. All sides of the issue will be discussed with no bias, except opinion articles.

If you see an issue with one of the articles published contact us at [email protected]

Comments Policy

The voiced opinion of the public is an integral part of journalism. The Glen Echo staff encourages both the students of Glen Rock High School and the public at large to respond to the content published on our web page. We strongly recommend leaving a constructive and tasteful comment on articles in adherence with the cooperative nature of journalism.

All comments made will be reviewed for topicality and decency. Brevity is encouraged.

Comments will be swiftly deleted if:

  • The comment attacks a person or group, named or unnamed, unreasonably
  • The comment is made with the intention to make readers feel uncomfortable on the basis of someone’s race, gender, religion, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other controversial topic at the discretion of the editors
  • The comment attacks a school employee
  • The comment contains excessive obscenities or sexual explicitness

The Glen Echo Senior Staff holds the discretion to determine the offensive or destructive nature of a comment.

Censorship Privileges:

  • Advisor:
    • The advisor of The Glen Echo is responsible for giving advice and instruction to student-writers and contributors to the The Glen Echo.
    • Only the advisor reserves the right to prior review.
  • Principal/Subject Supervisor:
    • In accordance with the Supreme Court ruling in Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier, the Principal reserves the right to remove any content he/she sees as disruptive to the school environment.
    • The Principal does not have any right to prior review of student-produced content.
    • First Amendment & Student Media


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