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Employee shortage prompts significant change

by Kevin Lederer, Editor-In-Chief November 8, 2021

As demand for workers continues to rise businesses are still struggling to survive due to the repercussions of COVID-19. With the number of job openings surging to over 10 million, how does this affect...

New teachers take on Glen Rock

by Olivia Berard, Copy Editor November 8, 2021

Imagine yourself as a new teacher in the bustling halls of a new school. You have multiple classes throughout the day with many new students' names to learn and a whole new schedule to adapt to. The commotion...

Sophomore girls get ready to march in the parade.

Homecoming: Then and Now

by Cadia Warner, Feature Editor November 8, 2021

It’s a chilly Friday night. You’re in the bleachers, flooding with chants of support and school pride. Homecoming: one of the few times a year where high schools all across the nation pull out all...

The Glen Echo and Under The Rock Present: Graduation Spotlights

by Kevin Lederer, Yethmie Goonatilleke, and James Stewart June 24, 2021

Arshnoor Kaur was named Valedictorian for Glen Rock High School’s graduating class of 2021. Kaur has spent countless hours working to have the best GPA. She says that having a set study schedule...

This photograph is of Sgt. Marshall in a field at some point during the war. This image is also the front cover of his book.

Hometown Heroes: Farm-boy-turned-soldier Sgt. John F. Marshall told of his experience during World War II

by Liv McCorry, Staff Writer June 24, 2021

Two years ago, in June of 2019 I was a curious seventh grade girl with an opportunity like no other. Assigned a project on World War II for my Social Studies class, I chose to sit down with a World War...

High school students surveyed for schedule preferences

by Ethan Diamond, Staff Writer June 24, 2021

Students at Glen Rock high school were asked about their preferences for multiple different aspects of the schedule, including start times, period length, and drop schedules. This past school year has...

How many hours do high school students sleep at night?

How many hours do high school students sleep at night?

by Neil Sahu June 23, 2021

Many high school students have an overload of work each night, and they are very busy throughout the day. Because of this, they may not be able to sleep well at night, and this can cause many negative...

Glen Rock High School underclassmen elective preference: Do students pick electives based on their favorite core class?

by Naomi Bashan and Louisa Billingsley June 21, 2021

For the past 5 years, a theory in which some people have a “right” brain, and others have a “left” brain has spread online. Someone with a left brain is thought to be more methodical and analytical...

Average number of AP classes a senior has taken throughout their high school career

Glen Rock seniors rank their AP classes based on difficulty

by Lily Renga and Isabella Mittelman June 16, 2021

Have you ever sat in your guidance meeting to schedule your classes for next year and thought, am I taking too many hard classes at once? Am I not taking enough? Oftentimes, underclassmen are stuck between...

As they mentally prepare for their upcoming match, the bowling team stops for a picture to express their team spirit and their success throughout the season.

How the 2021 winter sports seasons were affected by Covid-19: Bowling and Wrestling

by Michael Taromina, Staff Writer June 9, 2021

As the fall season came to an end, and the cold weather brought a resurgence and increased fear of COVID-19, it was tough to imagine a successful winter sports season would transpire, let alone happen....

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