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Tips and Tricks to Succeed in Hybrid and Online Learning

by Alex Vicinanza, Managing Editor

October 13, 2020

  Get used to the new bell schedule. Take a screenshot of the new bell schedule on the GRHS website and put it as your lock screen on your phone. Then it is as easy as opening your phone to see when class begins and ends. Check what days of the week you have option so you don’t accidentally sleep in or come into schoo...

New principal aims to create a spirited school environment

Glen Rock's new middle and high school principal, Dr. Michael Parent.

by Yethmie Goonatilleke, Social Media Manager (Twitter)

October 9, 2020

Dr. Michael Parent has had ample experience in running a school as principal — for the past 13 years he has assumed that role. In a time filled with unprecedented events, Parent decided to take on a new challenge. As of July 2020, Parent undertook the position of principal of both the high school and mid...

Freshman leader follows in brother’s footsteps

Freshman leader follows in brother's footsteps

by Kevin Lederer, Social Media Manager (Facebook)

October 7, 2020

Every year we elect students in our grade for student council. Jacob Cece, a freshman who is this year’s treasurer, has a lot to say about his position and goals for the year.  Cece decided to run because he was inspired by his brother, Daniel, who is also in the student council. "I want to be...

Football team preparing for unconventional season

by Justin DeStaso and Ryan LeBlanc

October 7, 2020

When COVID-19 struck back in March, spring sports were cut short. This left a sour taste in people’s mouths about fall sports, and whether or not they would happen. After a lot of consideration, the NJSIAA came out with guidelines to allow fall sports to happen. The NJSIAA ruled that New Jersey hi...

Students reveal thoughts on hybrid learning model

by Andrew Kastelman, Rob Zamparelli, and Michael Silver

October 2, 2020

Glen Rock High School started the 2020-2021 school year with a hybrid learning model. The model consists of two days — A and B— divided evenly amongst the students, with the cohorts rotating every day for a full day of school. When students are not in school they may be participating in class remotely. The ...

A highlight of Track and Field seniors of 2020

Though the seniors might have not gotten a spring track season, various coaches and parents of the team honor all twenty-one seniors with a banner with their name on it that hangs near Faber Field. This is a reminder to all the seniors that the coaches and parents are disappointed with the outcome of the season but they are proud of everything else each person has accomplished to make this team great.

June 17, 2020

With the abrupt cancellation of spring sports of the 2020 season, causing many broken hearts for all Glen Rock athletes, it's easy to misrecollect the hard work that the seniors put in the past three years that they’ll unfortunately never get to pursue. The seniors of the class of 2020 who participa...

Five Feet Tall

by Yethmie Goonatilleke, Staff Writer

June 16, 2020

Gabbi Krachenfels had the biggest ear to ear smile as everyone in the endocrinologist’s office congratulated her. Gabbi did not receive some sort of trophy or medal for anything. What she had done was reach five feet - a great, if not, life-changing accomplishment for her.  This seems like a min...

Suffering in silence

by Charlotte Siohan, Staff Writer

June 15, 2020

Anxiety is more than a condition. Millions of people suffer from it in one form or another, yet it does not look the same in every person. Anxiety is in the shadows, unable to be seen, but able to be felt in a deep way. For some people, no matter where they turn to, feelings of anxiousness never stray...

GRHS Black Student Union brings awareness to issues in the black community

Many Glen Rock Students have taken part in the protests supported Black Lives.

by Alex Vicinanza, Social Media Manager (Snapchat)

June 15, 2020

With Black Lives Matter protests occurring worldwide, Kayla Stephenson took the opportunity to make a change in her own community.  In the beginning of her junior year at GRHS, Kayla started the Black Student Union Club, but it did not get approved by the board until the quarantine. Her goal for t...

Remote learning challenges Elementary School students, teachers, and parents

by Andrew Kastelman, Business Development and Marketing Manager

June 15, 2020

No more running around in the gym. No more laughing on the playground. With COVID-19 forcing schools to close for the last three months, Elementary School students, teachers, and parents have felt the brunt of remote learning. With challenges ranging from working parents, little structure, and the ina...


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