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The Boston Trip in a Nutshell

by Lilian Kim, Freelance Writer June 17, 2022

Salem Part 1 of the Boston trip features the city of Salem, the city best known for the widely known witch trials in 1692. The sophomores visited Salem Witch Museum, being educated on the history of...

Rap: The Genre of the Generation

Rap: The Genre of the Generation

by Lisa Sheynerman, Freelance Writer June 3, 2022

Rap, for many people, can be seen as a very aggressive form of music, and it may be difficult for many people to understand what is so special about rap songs. Generally people from the older generations...

A day in the life: Ms. Nuckley: “you stab em we slab em”

A day in the life: Ms. Nuckley: “you stab em we slab em”

by Katie Mae Yetter, Opinion Editor May 25, 2022

     If you are or were a freshman at GRHS, then you most likely know Ms. Nicole Nuckley. She is just one part of our outstanding science department. She teaches biology, forensics, anatomy, and physiology....

Clue: A mystery behind the scenes

Clue: A mystery behind the scenes

by Neil Sahu, Social Media Manager April 27, 2022

The auditorium was quiet, less than 5 minutes before the show started. It was dark and the lights were dim. When the show had started the whole auditorium was silent. The stage lit up colors, and the cast...

Spring Travels

Spring Travels

by Cole Tennant, News Editor April 27, 2022

This year's spring break was very exciting due to the past two spring breaks being dampened by the pandemic. COVID-19 has finally started to clear up and we have been able to return back to normal life....

A Wild Offseason Terminates with the Makings of an Exciting Season

by James Stewart, Sports Beat Manager April 27, 2022

Following the ninth all time lockout (work stoppage) in Major League Baseball (MLB) history, and the first in over 25 years it seemed as if the MLB and its player’s union would never be able to agree...

Cross country and track veterans head different ways after memorable high school career

by Ben Habler and Aarav Kochar April 27, 2022

High school sports are very moving and create timeless moments to reflect on throughout an athlete’s life. This is the case with the senior athletes of the Glen Rock Track and Field/Cross Country Teams....

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Consequences of COVID on Local Businesses

by Kevin Lederer, Editor-In-Chief April 4, 2022

During the pandemic, businesses had to shift their whole mode of operation. Companies worked around the clock to find ways to combat against COVID-19. Small businesses have struggled with the rising...

What’s Behind the Shadow: Holocaust Survivor Alex Levy Comes to Speak to Freshmen English Classes

by Alexander Vincenti, Freelance Writer March 28, 2022

The day before International Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27, the day that Auschwitz was liberated), English 9 students had the privilege of Zooming with Holocaust survivor, Alex Levy. I was able...

AI: The underlying institutional inequity and its presence in the English classroom

by Michael Taromina, Managing Editor March 22, 2022

With the advancement of technology fundamentally changing the conception of teaching and learning in the past decade, few have taken the time to ponder the ramifications of fusing literacy with digital...

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