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Mural advocating for the return of the hostages

It’s been almost eight months, but I haven’t stopped thinking about you

by Naomi Bashan, Editor in Chief May 30, 2024

Over 220 days ago, my worst nightmare came to life and I’ve been haunted ever since. Waking up on Oct. 8th, I opened my phone and was immediately paralyzed with grief. The first image I saw of the massacre...

The Reinvention of Lana Del Rey

by Teresa Sapienza May 30, 2024

   The annual California music festival Coachella has been hosting artists since 1995, the year of its inception as a festival, and as a cultural beacon for American music. This year’s festival in...

Starbucks newest spicy refreshers

New additions to Starbucks’ Menu: An honest review by two loyal customers

by Ella Torsiello and Mary Petschler May 30, 2024

   Starbucks recently created the new Summer berry and Spicy chili refreshers which are a huge downgrade from their past drinks, such as the strawberry lemonade acai refreshers. Although the summer berry...

The Government must prioritize AI funding to improve healthcare in underdeveloped countries

by Jasneet Kochar, Staff Writer May 10, 2024

Picture this: A planet where futuristic technology intersects with the problems of healthcare, transforming medical practices, while it destroys the concept of inequality in less developed countries. The...

Academic praise: The consequences of being pushed too much vs. not enough

by Emily Hochman May 1, 2024

Most students crave academic validation and the feeling that comes with being recognized, but when can it be taken too far? On the other hand, what can happen when validation isn’t given enough? Some...

April Fools Day: A Holiday In Decline

by Andrew Vincenti, Opinion Editor April 30, 2024

April Fools is a classic holiday meant to celebrate people’s love for pulling light-hearted pranks. However, in recent years, April Fools has been declining in popularity, as people are playing less...

Rising college costs and the FAFSA disaster: preventing students from receiving a higher education

by Olivia Berard, Editor-in-Chief April 30, 2024

College is an experience everyone deserves to have. It’s the chance to stretch their mind, find a career that interests them, and live on their own for the first time. But the price tag of college is...

Why VAR is the Most Ethical Device for the Soccer Industry

by Phoebe Martin April 30, 2024

The introduction of VAR In 2016 during a soccer match between two Dutch clubs Ajax and Willem, was a much-debated move. VAR was initially developed to aid Referees in four situations: penalties, direct...

The Importance in Friday Night Football

by Emilia Pizzillo April 30, 2024

Highschool football is a tradition that has been around for ages, and a tradition that should remain for ages to come as well. Football brings communities and teams together like no other sport. Although...

Welcome to New Jersey sign

The New Jersey Turnpike is terrible

by Dhruv Sahu, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

The New Jersey Turnpike might be my least favorite road in America. That might seem like a bold statement, but think about it: why do so many people from around the US dislike New Jersey? Certainly, it’s...

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