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Hidden Gems: Underrated NFL Draft Picks Who I expect to shine bright

by Ella Torsiello, Sports Editor May 30, 2024

Jets Soar to New Heights: Jordan Travis Set to control the New York offense! Coming from Tallahassee, Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis is headed to play for the New York Jets this upcoming season,...

Why VAR is the Most Ethical Device for the Soccer Industry

by Phoebe Martin April 30, 2024

The introduction of VAR In 2016 during a soccer match between two Dutch clubs Ajax and Willem, was a much-debated move. VAR was initially developed to aid Referees in four situations: penalties, direct...

The Importance in Friday Night Football

by Emilia Pizzillo April 30, 2024

Highschool football is a tradition that has been around for ages, and a tradition that should remain for ages to come as well. Football brings communities and teams together like no other sport. Although...

Spring Sports Are Starting!

by Neil Sahu and Nicholas Tufano March 21, 2024

As the sun begins shining brighter and the groundhog spots his shadow, we say goodbye to a cold winter and send off a warm hello to Spring and the sports it brings with it. The seniors who graduated last...

The opening week of the GRIBL is here

by Andrew Vincenti and Ethan Diamond, Opinion Editor March 21, 2024

In the dry month of February, with the mood at a low given the dreary weather, something was needed to spur the student morale at Glen Rock High School. With spring around the corner, the idea for a recreational...

Who Gets to Watch? The questioning future of  Watching sports

Who Gets to Watch? The questioning future of Watching sports

by Patrick O'Keeffe March 21, 2024

   Watching Live sports has been a problem and it's getting worse! 10 years ago, it was easy to access live sports. All you needed to do was own a cable package on your TV and then a sports event would...

How is Caitlin Clark inspiring new generations of female athletes?

How is Caitlin Clark inspiring new generations of female athletes?

by Ella Torsiello, Sports Editor March 21, 2024

University of Iowa's star player, Caitlin Clark became the NCAA's all-time scoring leader on Sunday Mar 3 2024 against Ohio State. Clark entered her last college basketball regular season game just short...

What to watch during March Madness!

by Ella Torsiello, Sports Editor March 21, 2024

1. Cinderella Stories In the past few years, Cinderella stories have been the biggest part of college sports. Fans love a good Cinderella story seeing a lower-seeded team making a deep run or an underdog...

The Football-Hating Student’s Opinions on Super Bowl Alternatives

by Anjali Gandhi February 29, 2024

   As pretty much all of us know, whether by choice or not, the Super Bowl is February 11 this year, and all the watchers are pulling out the stops. You know what I’m talking about. Parties, brackets,...

2026 World Cup Final to be Held at MetLife Stadium

by Evan Lagemann February 29, 2024

   The FIFA Men’s World Cup is the most watched, most decorative, and most entertaining sports tournament in the world. After the 2022 version of the tournament, the global popularity of the sport...

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