John’s Boy Tribute

by James Stewart, Sports Beat Manager

On April 8, the Glen Rock community mourned the loss of John’s Boy founder, John Porco. 

As a result of Porco’s passing, the pizzeria was closed from April 10-16. Despite not having their doors open during the week, customers still went to the store to pay their respects to Porco and his family. Throughout the week, several bouquets of flowers, and notes were left in front of the door to the restaurant.

Those who were not able to leave physical gifts, made sure to express their condolences on social media through comments on the pizzeria’s instagram page, where there over 200 comments posted. 

Porco opened John’s Boy in 1983, and despite his passing, his legacy will live on forever as he continues to put a smile on the faces of those in the Glen Rock community every single day.