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Sponz Alley is located in the art hallway.

Horses Can Fly

by Ken Kerbs, Glen Echo Staff 1975-1978 April 28, 2023

For a college class I’m taking in education, I had to watch a film about a successful Broadway singer, William Martinez, whose life was changed by his 8th grade music teacher. It brought back a lot of...

Twenty year-old Jack Mattsson passed away Oct. 15 due to osteosarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer.

Recent graduate dies of cancer

by Christine Nappi, Copy Editor October 25, 2017

Glen Rock resident and high school alumnus Jack Mattsson (‘15) passed away on Oct. 15 after his battle with cancer. Jack was 20 years old when he passed due to osteosarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer...

The press box at the Glen Rock High School stadium field named after Alan Deaett, a loved football coach.

Thirteen athletes added to the hall of fame

by Olivia Traphagen, senior staff writer September 29, 2016

The Glen Rock Hall of Fame is adding 13 athletes and three coaches, honoring the special qualities that they brought to Glen Rock High School. Sponsored by the Glen Rock Booster Club, the event will...

Bradley playing bass at a show in New York City.

Catching Up With Bradley Passarelli

by Dylan Kennedy, Staff Writer November 11, 2014

CRUD, a local punk band consisting of myself and former Glen Rock High School students Sean Kennedy, Bradley Passarelli, and Jared “Cookie” Zahn, took to basements and garages by storm last year and...

Discovered in the Florida sands, this high school ring is seeking out its enigmatic owner, D.M.

The Mystery of the ’67 Class Ring

by Ariel Shilitz, Staff Writer June 12, 2014

Sweeping the sand, the metal detector began to ping.  It pinged once and then twice. A 1967 Glen Rock high school class ring was found this year, buried in sand. But it was not uncovered in Glen Rock,...

With his family, Danny Goldsmith has enjoyed a now-cancer free life.

Alumni Special: Danny Goldsmith (Class of ’88)

by Max Felsenstein, Sports Editor May 13, 2014

Glen Rock High School graduate (’88,) Danny Goldsmith, wasn’t sure what the future would bring for him after high school. In January 1988, right after being accepted to the University of Maryland,...

Mr. Kurz in action.

From student to teacher

by Erica Melz and Trevor LaVine, Staff Writer and Print Editor in Chief January 16, 2014

Contrary to popular belief, GRHS teachers were once, in fact, students just like us. Some of them even went to this very school! Two such teachers are Mr. Kurz and Mr. Escolante, both students and later...

The hallways may be filled with their pictures, but many of them still live on these streets.  Just who are these returning-citizens?

There Truly is No Place like Home

by Kaitlin Stansel, Alumni Editor November 10, 2013

Nearly 2.7 square miles, Glen Rock is only a faint iota on the east coast, completely unknown to most outside of Bergen County -- yet what is it about this minute town that brings hundreds back to raise...

Meet Liz (Shaw) Kirkhus

Meet Liz (Shaw) Kirkhus

by Victoria Messikian, Alumni Editor October 23, 2013

The first step may have been designing guitar-shaped purses ── but Glen Rock High School Alumni Liz (Shaw) Kirkhus sky-rocketed her fashion career through concepts such as this, becoming an entrepreneur...

Traveling through Korea in the Peace Corps and covering various Olympics with CBS News, Katharine Squires is a successful and well-rounded GRHS alumni.

Alumni Special: Katharine Squires (Kathy Seaton, Class of 1976)

by Lilia Wood, Alumni Editor May 17, 2013

After graduating Glen Rock High School in 1976, Katharine Squires (known as Kathy Seaton during her GRHS days) thought she would be an art teacher someday. After High School, she went to Rutgers University's...

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