Opting for the safe ride


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A California car whose driver offers rides for all three major TNCs.

by Anna Barton, Senior Staff Writer

As the cold winter weather approaches, it is very undesirable to walk to and from various locations throughout town. Not only is it uncomfortable to walk in below freezing weather, but it is not always the safest option, especially at night.

As a teenage girl, I was never allowed to walk home alone at night; I either got a ride or walked home with someone else.  Had the option of getting a ride from an Uber been available to me, I would have no objection to it, seeing that it seems to be the safest and quickest way to get home.

To put my opinion into simpler terms, I feel as though the option of allowing one’s child to take an Uber home should be up to the child’s parent.   It is universally known that Uber drivers are thoroughly trained and given extensive background checks in order to ensure the safety of their passengers, as are ordinary cab drivers.

However, accidents do happen. Nonetheless, accidents happen in various scenarios, and there are risks in allowing one’s child to get in the car with a stranger.  This does not just apply to Uber drivers.

Bad people exist everywhere, and have always existed. The world isn’t becoming a more dangerous place; people are simply becoming more aware of the dangers of the world.

The topic of Uber drivers is a controversial issue.  Whether one should be allowed to take an Uber across town should be up to the decision of one’s parents; there is danger to both alternatives.