Judgement zone


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

by Nicole Settlow, Staff Writer

She walks into school with her navy blue raggedy sweatpants ripped at her ankles; her oversized black sweatshirt reaches her knees. She takes off her sweatshirt, and her shirt is filled with bleach stains. Her hair is thrown up into a bun, hair sticking out everywhere. People stare, whisper, and wonder: Why does she wear that everyday? She’s so weird.

Another girl walks into school, she is wearing her white jeans, with a nice purple blouse featuring lace on the back, her necklace hangs low, while her earrings blind everyone who walks by. Her plain black flats finish the outfit. Yesterday she wore a light pink dress with a white cardigan and the same black flats she wore today. People stare and think Why does she wear that everyday, she’s so weird.

People stare and judge others for how they look and dress every single day, but why? It is not affecting them at all. No matter how we look there is always someone watching us and judging. So what are we supposed to wear?

Someone could wear their favorite outfit to school, and be told that they look awful. It doesn’t make sense, why are people judging others for whom they are? I think we should be able to wear whatever we want and not have to worry about others staring us down and giving us dirty looks.

Someone wears sweatpants to school, everyone stops and stares. She then wears a nice pair of jeans the next day, but still people are talking. Everyone is always trying to please people, but why? They are judging no matter what.

She goes to the mall, and her best friend says to her other friend: “Ew, I hate that shirt she is wearing.” A random stranger walks by and whispers to the person beside her, “Look at those shoes!” People don’t realize what they’re doing, but it hurts.

No matter if it’s your best friend or someone you have never talked to it is always painful to know you are being stared down or someone behind you is talking about you.

Judging needs to stop. Everyone judges, and it’s not okay. I am not saying that I don’t judge, because I do, I judge too quickly and I wish I didn’t.