Broadcast Media class airs first shows


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In its first year as a course, the Broadcast Media class produced three videos at this point.

by Lauren Hanfield, Organizational Liaison

The Broadcast Media students are producing one episode weekly for their GRHSTV show, Under the Rock, and they currently have three episodes aired. Announcements are set to publicize the upcoming episodes as they are broadcasted.

The episodes are completed with the help of adviser and executive producer, Ms. Mara Siegel. The episodes are featured on the GRHSTV YouTube channel, The Glen Echo website and the high school homepage.

“I thought it was great,” Siegel said in regards to the first episode. “We had 22 students doing 15 different jobs and everyone knew what their job was. They took ownership with their jobs and they came together as a group to make a project.”

The first episode consisted of student profiles and was hosted by seniors Alex Hay and Lauren Hanfield.

“It was really cool. I enjoyed it a lot,” Hay said. “I was a little nervous at first, but, in the end, it was fun.”

“How it works is that you have to brainstorm and plan and figure out as much as possible before you start filming,” Siegel said. “You have to film, which takes a week, then you have to edit which takes a week and a half and then you’re ready for broadcast.”

The first episode was produced by Olivia Lorenzo (’18) and Andrew Bober (’19).

“I think it went well. A lot of people seemed to like it,” Bober said. “I would do it again.”

This first year broadcast media class has caught the eye of many students and faculty. Siegel had said that she enjoys this class and really hopes that it continues to grow. The want for advanced broadcast media classes is up in the air for discussion.

“I hope if we get the advanced class that I can get students to take more ownership of the show itself.” Siegel said.

The broadcast classroom is located in D113 and has thousands of dollars’ worth of new equipment in the classroom in order to produce such a show. Administration has been discussing that they would like to move Glen Rock TV into the high school and build a studio in the media center that the broadcast class would use.

This semester, Siegel is planning for the class to produce 12 episodes.