Students fundraise for Syrian refugee family


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

After fleeing from Aleppo, Syrian refugees found an uncomfortable safety in the arid desert on the Turkish border.

by Emma Byrd, Staff Writer

Glen Rock students collected clothing and gift card donations to help a Syrian refugee family in need.

The project was arranged by Ms. Metsch-Ampel, an English teacher.

“They lived in Turkey for two years. They came here with two day’s notice and volunteers had to scramble,” Metsch-Ampel explained.

Ms. Metsch-Ampel, an English 10, Creative Writing, and AP Language and Composition teacher organized the drive to help the refugees. They fled from their bombed home in Aleppo, Syria to come here for a better, safer life.

So far the drive has raised $410 and three carloads of clothing to help the family move into their new home.

Syria has experienced an extended period of unrest since 2011.

Constitutional Law teacher, Mr. Pohlman explained, “Beginning in 2011, a Civil War broke out in the country of Syria between anti-Assad Government forces and the Assad Government.”

The family consists of a mother and father, and three children.

“They don’t have a lot, already the group has collected furnishing, blankets pillows. They already got a lot of the basics,” Metsch-Ampel said. They came here with barely anything, and the church they were staying at donated basics, like pillows, blankets and some clothing.  

Students were asked to bring giftcards to clothing stores and money for the family.

The family is now finding an apartment in Paterson, because they have connections there, with support from Metsch-Ampel’s congregation.