Glen Rock boys consider future self-defense workshops


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

With the current class available only to senior girls, some boys in Glen Rock High School wonder when self-defense will be offered to them, as well.

by Ryan Stolz, Sports Editor

Sexual assault, rape, fighting off attackers. According to the Public Safety Institute, the victims in these situations are often girls. In a world in which female safety has become highlighted, sometimes boys fall through the cracks.

“It’s a common stereotype that boys can often fend for themselves,” says sophomore Max Felsenstein.

Glen Rock High School recently held a self-defense class for senior girls, yet the class was not offered to boys.

“When I become a senior, a self-defense class is certainly something that would interest me,” said sophomore student Kieran Rooney.

And according to the people who teach the class, this is a realistic option.

“Our organization does not just teach to girls or any gender,” said a representative from the Public Safety Institute. “We teach classes to males as well as females and do not place any limitations towards what persons can take the class.”

Yet what the school chooses is a completely different matter. Schools can select to offer the class to any group of students, and the Public Safety Institute will cater to their wants.

When asked, Mr. Arlotta said he never even thought about it as a possibility for boys. Nevertheless, if boys show more interest, Mr. Arlotta said he is open to the idea.