One-to-one laptop initiative confirmed for next year


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

An HP EliteBook similar to the ones students will receive next year.

by Ben Solomon, Senior Staff Writer

The one-to-one laptop initiative has been approved in a recent decision by the school board.

These changes come with announcement that School Fusion, the current website host, will be replaced with Schoology.

Principal John Arlotta is confident that the new system will be well received.

“It has a lot more opportunities than School Fusion,” Arlotta said.

Arlotta praised Schoology’s push notifications, which would manifest as pop-up announcements visible without having to log onto a website.

The one-to-one program has been discussed previously but was delayed due to budget restrictions.

The program was put into place to help students prepare for college and continue their schoolwork while at home. 

“As we moved to a BYOD, we saw some of the limitations,” Arlotta explained. “Students could not work on projects at home that were software-specific.”

The computers will likely be loaded with Windows 7 as their the operating systems. Windows 10, a current OS, might be implemented instead.

Although accidents are bound to happen and a nominal fee will be paid to  cover insurance that will cover any physical damages.

“I think there will be a progressive insurance if a student breaks it multiple times,” Arlotta explained. 

Specific fares and cost will be put into a document when the program goes into full swing next year.

“We imagine this will be a hugely valuable tool for our students,” Arlotta said.