Who will be the next Cleveland Browns head coach?

Former Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson stands on field supporting his team. General manager John Dorsey fired Jackson on October 29 and is now searching for a replacement. General manager John Dorsey hopes that a new coach will end the Browns’ streak of losing seasons.

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Former Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson stands on field supporting his team. General manager John Dorsey fired Jackson on October 29 and is now searching for a replacement. General manager John Dorsey hopes that a new coach will end the Browns’ streak of losing seasons.

by Will Casey, Staff Writer

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The NFL’s Cleveland Browns fired their head coach, Hue Jackson on Oct. 29. After over two seasons Jackson held an appalling 1-31 record, but the Browns decided to give him one more chance. He stockpiled the roster with new talent, including quarterback Baker Mayfield, wide receiver Jarvis Landry, and cornerback Denzel Ward. While no one was expecting a Super Bowl win, most fans believed these young and energetic players would at least help the Browns to be an average team. This does not seem like it will happen anytime soon.

Halfway through the season with a record of 2-5-1, the Browns seem destined to be a bottom feeder like they have for the last 20 years. General manager John Dorsey decided prior to the season that if the Browns did not make improvements, there would be major changes in the organization. After another string of devastating losses, Dosey resolved to fire Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley. He then promoted defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to serve as the interim head coach. The Browns have not yet hired a permanent head coach, but have mentioned some potential names.


Gregg Williams – Browns Interim Head Coach

Gregg Williams has been on the Browns coaching staff since the beginning of Hue Jackson’s tenure and the defensive coordinator since 2017. Although the 2-5-1 record does not show it, the Browns have an extremely talented defense because of Williams. The Browns lead the league in takeaways by a large margin, as well as blitzing. Even when the defense does not bring the quarterback to the ground, they are able to pressure him just enough to force bad decisions. Williams’ only head coaching experience was for the Buffalo Bills where he went 17-31. Even though he has little experience in this position, Dorsey may want to stay inside the organization for the appointment.

Josh McDaniels – Patriots Offensive Coordinator

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Gregg Williams coaches as the defensive coordinator for the Browns at a practice. Williams was appointed the interim head coach after the Browns fired former head coach Hue Jackson On Oct. 29. After two games, Williams led the Browns to a 1-1 record.

The New England Patriots offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, is reported to be open to new coaching positions. Last season, he almost accepted an offer to head coach for Indianapolis Colts, but he ultimately decided to stay in New England. Although McDaniels will be available again after this season, it is unclear if he will leave the Patriots. If he does decide to move on from his current position, he could be a major asset to the Browns organization. McDaniels has been New England’s offensive coordinator for 10 seasons as the offensive coordinator, and since then the Patriots offense has been one of the best in the league. In the 2009 and 2010 seasons, McDaniels was the head coach for the Denver Broncos. As one of the great offensive minds in the NFL, he is a great choice for the Browns. McDaniels has the potential to make the Browns into a dynasty like the New England Patriots.

Lincoln Riley – Oklahoma Sooners Head Coach

Lincoln Riley is one of the great offensive minds in the NCAA. During his first season as the University of Oklahoma Sooners head coach, he led his players to the 2018 NCAA Rose Bowl. Riley coached Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, Baker Mayfield. In Riley’s one season with Mayfield, they went 12-2 before losing to Georgia in a double-overtime Rose Bowl shootout. The Browns drafted Mayfield first overall in 2018. Even after losing Mayfield, Riley’s brilliant coaching continues to lead the Sooners to be the top in their conference. Oklahoma is currently number in the Big 12. Riley was vital in training new junior quarterback Kyler Murray. Murray is now one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks in football. Riley’s experience with Mayfield and his ability to develop offenses makes him a great choice for the Browns head coach.


Although all three of these coaches have the skills to improve the Browns, only one can be the coach. While Gregg Williams has the most experience with the organization, he would bring a more defensive approach, which is not what the Browns need to focus on right now. He is better suited staying as their defensive coordinator. The Browns are searching for a young offensive minded coach, so McDaniels and Riley are the best options. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that McDaniels will leave New England. He recently backed out of an agreement with the Colts for the same position, so it is doubtful that he will do any different for the Browns. Lincoln Riley already has a strong relationship with Baker Mayfield and has the potential to bring a new offensive approach to some of the Browns major weaknesses, making him the best choice for the Browns head coach position.