Freshmen election brings in new class president


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

by Nicole Settlow, Staff Writer

Jeremy LaVine will take over as the Class of 2020’s president following the recent freshman elections. As for vice president, Colin Consoli will be the vice president for the second consecutive year.

With the school year wrapping up comes elections for the class of 2020. Jeremy LaVine has taken Lauren Amram’s place as the new Class of 2020 president. This will be his first year as class president.

“It seemed like an opportunity that I had to at least try for,” LaVine said.

The returning vice President, Colin Consoli, ran again to help the Class of 2020 be successful.

He wanted to be part of the student council and  “generate as much money as possible for the class.”

Sophomore year is a big year for raising money. Sophomores normally raise money for senior and junior prom, grad ball, and their semi. To help with all that is the new treasurer, David Viggiano.

“I hope to establish a number of effective fundraisers and social gatherings to improve our closeness as a class and class funds, as well as perhaps funds towards charity or another recipient,” he said.

The class advisers are teachers Jenna Dunay and Ashley Yancy.

This has been both Yancy’s and Dunay’s first years as class advisers.

“I’m hoping for some fun fundraisers and to get the know the kids a little better,” Dunay said.“We are doing one right now that’s a new idea, Kiss a Senior Goodbye, where you send a little bag of (Hershey) kisses.”

Dunay explained that advising freshmen was a learning experience for both her and her class.

“The kids and the advisers have a much better understanding of what is expected of us and the energy we have to put out,” she said.