School starts too early


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Staff writer Lillie Daschil argues that the school day starts too early.

by Lillie Daschil, Staff Writer

Recently, California passed a bill to start school no earlier than 8:30 a.m. This is because many professionals believe that more sleep is needed for teenagers in order to function properly during school.

It is ridiculous that classes at Glen Rock High School start at 7:50 a.m. This gives students a lot less time to get the sleep necessary to properly function during the long grueling school day, not to mention other after school activities.

People may suggest in controversy that students should just “go to sleep earlier” but it is not nearly as easy as that. Students have loads of homework and studying to do after school to do well in their classes.

Most students also partake in after school activities such as sports, part time jobs, and other important activities that take up time in their day. Many students do not get the necessary eight hours of sleep per night which is very unhealthy.

Sleep deprived students are showing up to school at the correct time- but what are they getting from the school day if they are not performing to their best ability? Five tardies and students are to receive a morning detention. Students sometimes deserve to sleep in longer and miss classes they know they do not have much work in. But out of the 186 days five tardies can add up pretty quickly and then all of a sudden you have to arrive at school even earlier! This is a ridiculous notion that needs to stop.

Students deserve more time to sleep in the morning. It is terrible to go through the eight hour school day on little sleep. Students will be able to absorb much more information if well rested. Otherwise, students will not be able to stay awake, function properly, and get their work efficiently done.

The administration should seriously consider following in California’s steps to start school no earlier than 8:30 a.m. Starting school later will greatly improve what students get out of their school day.

Personally, I need eight or nine hours of sleep to be somewhat alert in the morning and even with that I am not fully awake. By the time I have finished sports and all of my necessary homework and studying, it is already very late and I have had no time for any relaxation which is well deserved after a long day. It is unfair