“Ozark” Film Review

by Justin DeStaso, Staff Writer

Laundering money for a drug cartel is never an easy task, especially for businessman Martin Byrde (Jason Bateman). Moving to Ozarks Missouri in order to achieve this laundering may have opened up new opportunities for him to loiter, but it also presented him with many new dangers. With the FBI on his back, and the Navarro Cartel threatening to kill his family, Byrde was in trouble. 


A great mix of action and suspense is what makes this show so great. Marty Byrde is forced into many situations where he puts his life and his families on the line, which creates some iconic scenes in the show. Some unexpected friendships and foes enhance the storyline as the show progresses through all three seasons. Bateman does a phenomenal job acting that really brings out who Martin Byrde is. From encounters with the FBI to unexpected meetings from Camino Del Rio (Esai Morales) and the cartel, this show is sure to keep you on your toes waiting for what is next.


The in-depth storyline and plot are what I enjoyed most about the show. Purchasing property after property, Byrde had to come up with ways to continue laundering despite the FBI on his back. The storyline leads you through many eventful deaths that leave you shocked and gives you some sorrowful scenes that you wish didn’t happen. 


In season 3, the latest season, Byrde enterprises obtain a casino, to help them launder more money, and help out the Snells with their drug dealing business on the Missouri River. The Snells are one of the foes the Byrde’s are stuck with when moving to The Ozarks. After killing Camino Del Rio in the first season, a Navarro associate, Darlene, and Jacob Snell put themselves as a whole. Despite partnering up with Marty Byrde on the casino project, they stayed enemies and began to disrespect the Cartel by some of their actions, putting them in danger.


Ozark is a great action-packed dramatic show that will leave you gasping after every episode. With great acting and a deep plot, this is definitely a must-watch.