The Empress Diner

by Julia Blando, staff writer

The Empress Diner in Fair Lawn, New Jersey is a typical diner that has classic American comfort foods like burgers and fries at a reasonable price.

Some of its more popular items include a variety of pancakes ($7.60-$8.65), waffles ($7.85-$8.15), other typical breakfast foods. They also have a Children’s Menu, burgers ($8.90), and salads ($8.90-$12.55).

Janeen Blando, a Glen Rock mother, ordered a tuna melt for $8.35, and after that she said she will be going back with her family again soon.

“I tried my melt, and I like it with the pita. The tuna’s good, it’s not goopy, and it came out quickly, which was good. The fries are really good. They’re cooked just how I like them; not too crispy and not mushy,” Blando said.

She also agrees that The Empress Diner has good, affordable food, “My two kids and I ate lunch here for $40, which is good. I didn’t have a heart attack when the bill came out.”

Her and her family’s entire meal included a caesar salad ($6.80), a side of white toast ($1.30), a tuna melt ($8.35), a short stack of pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream ($8.25), a side of French fries ($3.95), a slice of chocolate layer cake ($4.45), a bread pudding ($3.10), a hot chocolate ($2.05), and a chocolate milk ($2.60).

“Just how I like ‘em; crunchy on the outside and mushy on the inside,” said Damien Blando, Janeen’s sixth grade son, when referring to the french fries. He also liked the pancakes and described them as “yummyliscious.”

“The syrup’s not too bad, but I know it’s fake,” Damien said.

However, the family felt differently about the dessert.

“I’ve had better bread pudding. It wasn’t moist enough,” said Janeen. Her son also felt that the chocolate cake was too dry, but the icing was very good.

Overall, the Empress Diner is a typical New Jersey Diner.