A Spooky Blast from the Past


by Maddy Doubet, Staff Writer

In a town where monsters, witches, and ghouls run freely about, what could go wrong? – magic can solve anything and everything in Halloweentown. But when an all-powerful warlock tries to take control, it’s up to Marni Piper and her eccentric family of magical beings to save everyone.

Halloweetown, created in 1998 by Disney, is a Halloween-themed movie played annually on Disney Channel. This seasonal favorite draws in viewers every year, especially those who remember watching the movie as kids. Lizzie Moore (16’) was an avid fan from the beginning.

“There’s this girl Marni…on her 13th Halloween she learns she’s a witch. She goes and follows her grandma to Halloweentown and basically just has awesome adventures,” Moore said.

The plot Marni Piper, at age thirteen, learns she’s a witch. Her mother, who had always rejected her own magical upbringing and wanted to raise her kids in a non-magical, “mortal” world. Despite this, Marni, being a rebellious teen, tries to embrace her magic by going to her grandmother’s hometown of Halloweentown.

“It’s such a festive movie and it really gets you into the mood of Halloween, and it’s honestly just adorable,” said Anna Barton (16’)

Once Marni gets there, she feels finally at home. Unfortunately, trouble strikes paradise when her and her family learn that someone is trying to take over Halloweentown and destroy it. In the end, they learn that the mayor of Halloweentown, Kalabar, had been behind the scheme.

“The plot was awesome,” said Dylan Tarleton (16’). “I remember when I was a kid I never expected the mayor to be the [evil] guy and that just, like, really surprised me, I was going crazy. I couldn’t sleep that night.”

In the movie, Marni is accompanied by her brother Dylan and her little sister Sophie to Halloweentown.

“My favorite character is Dylan, he’s just really awkward and funny and adorable,” said Barton. Dylan doesn’t believe in magic and is constantly trying to make Marni leave her magic, much like their mother. However, Grandma Aggie convinces Marni that Halloweentown is where she needs to be.

“[My favorite character was] the grandma. She’s amazing. She was so cool…and she’s literally, like, a thousand years old, she’s so cool,” said Moore.

After Halloweentown turned into such a hit, three more movies were made: Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge, Halloweentown High, and Return to Halloweentown. These movies were also huge and featured Marni and her family, battling in Halloweentown.

“I love the second one [Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge]! I love that one, I actually just recently saw that one!” said Barton. In this one, Kalabar returns with the help of his son in hopes of turning the entire town into mindless slaves.

“My favorite was the third one, Halloweentown: Halloweentown High. You know, you get all of these cool monsters there that are pretending to be normal, it’s a good one,” Moore said.