Seniors finalize theme shots


Sneak peak of the senior theme shots!

by Kevin Lederer, Editor-In-Chief

This year Glen Rock High School seniors participated in annual ‘theme shots” for their yearbook. Theme shots are when the students dress up as people that they look similar to from famous shows and bands. Then they all converged for a two day period and students came together in their groups to take the photos.

Theme shots were run by teacher Debbie Cella and were completed successfully for the 2021-2022 yearbook in which students cannot wait to see what they look like.

A lot goes into the theme shots, especially when it comes to getting everything in order. Glen Rock High School senior and student theme shot leader Adele Sadowski worked very hard to have everything come together.

“At first organizing the theme shot wasn’t very difficult because all I had to do at the time was figure out who I wanted for each character, but as we got closer I realized I also need to plan out costumes along with hair and makeup which was a little stressful,” Sadowski said.

Students were responsible for bringing their own costumes. It was also a group effort to put each other’s hair and makeup together led by Glen Rock High School seniors Natalie Geoghegan and Amelia Sardi.

A recap of the theme shot experience through the students’ perspectives will be presented as a part of the Winter Slideshow before winter break this year!