Glen Rock hosts debate, first time in 2 years


Credit: Wikimedia Commons

by Cole Tennant, News Editor

On March 3, 2022 the Glen Rock Debate Team hosted a debate at GRHS about water conservation. This is the first time in two years GRHS has hosted a large debate which included 7 other towns. These towns included Paramus, Pascack Valley, Pascack Hills, Ramapo, Indian Hills and Frisch. Debates took place in classes throughout the building and students were able to watch these intense debates. Glen Rock’s Debate Team is being led by second year teacher at Glen Rock, Ms. Hathaway. Ms. Hathaway is leading this years Glen Rock Debate Team for the first time.

The Glen Rock Debate Team took home two awards from the debate, outstanding judge and third place overall. Glen Rock’s outstanding judge was Maya Winczura and third overall winning pair Sophia Pappalardo and Sean Ross. Paramus took home the 1st overall team in this year’s debate. 

Classroom debates were set up with two teams from opposing towns, one judge and a timer. One team debated on the pro and the other team took the con side. Glen Rock debated with three pairs in various different classrooms during the day. Four rounds were held in the second, third, fourth and fifth blocks of the school day. Throughout the debates both teams go back and forth each getting two minutes to argue their side. After the debates ended the judges made their decisions and brought the stats of the debates to the library for the coaches to oversee them. 

Glen Rock debate team coach Ms. Hathaway had a big role in this debate and the team. This year is Ms. Hathaway’s first year of coaching debate and her second year teaching at GRHS. Previous coaches included Ms. Yancy, Mr. Ecochard and Ms. Kearns. Ms. Hathaway stated that this year has been a great success as her first year and she plans to continue to lead the debate team for years to come. She credits the senior varsity members who have been mentoring the younger JV kids throughout the year. 

“It’s like a little community,” Hathaway said.

The debate team has also gone through some struggles in the past couple years due to covid forcing them to go virtual so they were very excited to get back to normal operations.