The Dark is Scary

by Bella Ranieri

It’s 11:30 you’ve just come home from a horror movie with your friends. You’re sitting in the dark trying to go to sleep but then your thoughts take over. That monster is crawling up beside you as you eyes are shut slowly perring towards you, just watching. You jump out of bed turn to you lamp next to you as you shake to quickly turn on the lamp. It turns on and you see nothing. You catch your breath turn off the lights again and the process starts all over again.

The dark is quite scary. It’s an unknown when you think about it. When you can’t see you lose one of your senses. Once that happens it causes others to enhance. Your thoughts take over and you begin to just let your mind take over in the place of being incapable to see.

It’s a common to be afraid of the dark. It’s very common between children and adults.

“It’s the fear of what the darkness masks. The dark leaves us vulnerable and exposed, unable to spot any threats that may be lurking nearby” (Romm).

Personally, I am afraid of the dark. It’s the idea of not knowing what’s out there. It causes my mind to wonder places that I don’t like it to. It’s the idea of not knowing what is out there is horrifying.

Overall it’s okay to be afraid. You’re not a “baby” for not being afraid. It’s life, at one point or another the dark probably did scare you. Just one point in your life, the unknowing might’ve shooken you to your core; given you the chills up and down your spine; the shakes that just wouldn’t disappear. Its the dark, you honestly don’t know.