Effects of music on teenagers


Photo Credit: Olivia Lorenzo

Teenagers are influenced by music that they listen to on a daily basis

by Oliva Lorenzo, Senior Staff Writer

It’s a part of everyday life. Music is everywhere. It shapes the way people act and changes their appearance, especially for teenagers. Students listen to music on their phones or on the radio in the car everyday. How much does it affect a student’s life exactly?

“I think music makes us independent,” Madeline Hay (‘18) said.

Regardless of what style of music students listen to, they feel that it is an escape from various times of stress, and they can relate to what the artist is singing about.

Other students disagree. “I don’t really think it affects us,” Zach Riley (‘17) said. Whether it does or it doesn’t, it makes students think more about the lyrics after every song.

The high school is diverse, and students are encouraged to express themselves and be creative. There are also a lot of different genres of music and many students enjoy listening to a diverse range of music.

“I like rap because it inspires and afflicts what you do,” Madison Hughes (‘18) said. “the artists demonstrate their feelings and provide people with good music.”

“I like country music,” Cole Wrede (‘18) said. “I think music enhances your feelings and emotions.”

Some students say that the genre of music they listen to depends on the situation that they are in.

“When I listen to Fetty Wap or Drake I am going out, and when I listen to Ariana Grande I am usually getting ready in the morning,” Emily Pensec (‘18) said.

Music definitely has a powerful influence on teenagers. No matter what style of music students listen to, or how often they listen to it, music has an impact on their lives in many ways.