Listening to music

by Olivia Lorenzo, Staff Writer

Music has always been a large part of Glen Rock High School. Between the choir classes and theater performances, Glen Rock is definitely on tune. But what about listening to music?

“I like Blank Space by Taylor Swift,” said Lee Hasselman, a sophomore.

“I like the song Riptide,” said Michael Quinn, a freshman. “Bruno Mars is pretty good.”

When students surf iTunes for a songs to buy, they usually look for a particular genre of music.

“Country or rap,” said Victoria Calderon, a junior.

“Electronic music,” said Mathias Weckstrom, a junior.

Many students enjoy EDM, pop, and alternative music like Quinn.

“I like radio music,” said Anne Butler, a freshman.

Whether one is a fan of the Jonas Brothers, like Julia Blando (’18), or a fan of the Rolling Stones, like Liam Capella (’17), all students seem to have a favorite band or artist that they cannot stop listening to.

“Mumford and Sons and Taylor Swift,” said Sara Butler, a senior, “I also like Fun.”

“My favorite band is Queen,” said Sita Patel, a Spanish teacher.  Along with Patel, Capella also enjoys Queen and classic rock music.

Music artists can be defined as having generally good songs and likable personalities, but can fans connect to the music? “I love Ariana Grande! I think of her every time I go to Starbucks,” said Emily Pensec, a freshman.

Most high school students listen to music with their phones and head phones throughout the school day. But what about outside of school?

“I listen to music in school, my car, Lee’s basement, my basement and my room,” Sara Butler said.

“At my desk,” Hasselman said.

“Wherever I am, my car or my apartment,” Patel said.

Music plays a big role in the lives of many Glen Rock High School students. Some are directly involved by playing an instrument or singing in the choir classroom and others listen to music all day long.

“A good song is like Nutella,” Blando said.