Behind the Director’s Chair

As great as musicals and productions go, from high school all the way up to Broadway, the cast members, with all individual talent aside, must rely on the director to put together the entire show. The show is well-known, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was a smash hit on Broadway and London’s West End, winning awards for... Read more »

New schedule deemed a success

New schedule deemed a success

by Josh Stein, Media Editor

As the first semester of the 2014-2015 school year has closed, the new schedule has now been deemed a success by students and faculty. The new schedule... READ MORE »


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High school shortens passing time for midterm exams

by Yeheun Son , Advertising Manager

The passing time for this year's midterm exam schedule was shortened to 10 minutes. Since the high school no longer runs the same schedule as the middle school, the...  Read More »

February 10, 2015

Lights, Camera, Action!

by Mia Ramdayal, Staff Writer

In October 2011, Glen Rock welcomed Juliet McKinley, a graduate from Fordham University at Lincoln Center, who has passion for showing others the beauty of acting and participating...  Read More »

February 5, 2015

Interactive Memories (Scroll Over)

Glen Rock High School students at Rutgers University for the GSSPA's Student Press Day.

Building a team

by Lilia Wood, Print Editor-in-Chief

The robots may be made of metal and circuit boards, but the Robotics Team is built from hours of hard work, preparation and engineering ability. This is the first year...  Read More »

January 15, 2015

Title Fight – Hyperview Review

by Zach McCollum, Staff Writer

This is a journalistic review of Title Fight’s third full length LP Hyperview. Title Fight is an American rock band hailing from Kingston, Pennsylvania. The...  Read More »

February 12, 2015

Staff Profile

Staff Writer
Andrew Grochan

Staff Writer

Andrew is a senior and a virgin in the media world. He is mainly interested in science and math courses but this year has decided to quench his deep yearning for chronicling the issues of the Glen Rock High Schoolers. He is a lacrosse player with no other extracurricular...  Read More »

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