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Jordan McMahon displays energy and intensity during a performance at the 2015 Christopher Barron Live Life Foundation Fundraiser.

The storied career of Jordan McMahon and his dancing

by Erin Jones, Staff Writer June 8, 2015

For Jordan McMahon (‘16), dancing has always been second nature. Whenever music came on, Jordan always gravitated towards it and started dancing along to the beat. Jordan’s Parents, Jim and Elizabeth...

The view of the finish line from the VIP bleachers.

The Most Historic Race in the World-The 2014 Boston Marathon

by Ariel Shilitz, Staff Writer May 27, 2014

The day began the night beforehand, Sunday April 20th. I could not bring my satchel with me because of security. My brother couldn’t carry his drawstring with food and water because of security. My mom...

Powder Puff Game

by Juliana Brancato, Staff Writer November 12, 2013

Get Tough, Ladies! It’s time for our upperclassmen ladies to toughen up! The high school will be hosting its very first powder puff game, just in time for the holidays! “Powder puff is a tradition...

Trick or Treating: The Heights Edition

by Anna Lis and Sondra Nieradka, Chief Photgraphers November 11, 2013

On the misty evening of October 31st we took to the streets of Ridgewood and set out on an adventure that has been two years in the making. Some may argue that the age of 17 is a bit too old to go trick...

National Honor Societys New Policy Faces Criticism

National Honor Society’s New Policy Faces Criticism

by Josh Stein, Graphic Designer November 6, 2013

The National Honors Society’s Faculty Council voted to increase the minimum GPA for membership eligibility.  Principal Arlotta announced the change in a letter to students and parents over the summer. ...

Students consider using their phones for schoolwork at the high school.

Full Service

by Brendan Geen, Staff Writer November 5, 2013

Every kid who has ever been a student at Glen Rock High School has probably complained about the lack of cell phone service. It is next to impossible to find service anywhere in the school, and the Wi-Fi...

Greece:  Will the country slowly begin to improve?

A Slow Moving Crisis In Greece

by Richard Gueren, Political and World News Editor May 22, 2013

Greece, a country with a rich history and beautiful landscape, ran into economic troubles in 2009.  In short, Greece is struggling to stave off economic woes. If we boil down the Greek economic crisis...

The Dramatic Entry of Senator Ted Cruz

The Dramatic Entry of Senator Ted Cruz

by Richard Gueren, Politcal and World News Editor May 5, 2013

Recently, most of Washington DC has been stunned by the quick entrance of Senator Ted Cruz into the United States Senate.  Cruz, 42, a legal scholar and stubborn individual, was born in Calgary, Alberta,...

The Big Question:  Can Sanford Make a Comeback?

The Interesting Political Resuscitation Of A Former South Carolina Governor

by Richard Gueren, Political and World News Editor April 21, 2013

In recent weeks most of Washington DC has been focused on the return to politics of former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, a republican.  Sanford, 52, is trying to resurrect a promising political...

Medicare:  You may be counting on it, but there is a real chance it will not be around.

Common Sense Changes To The “Entitlemment” Programs: Medicare (Part 2)

by Richard Gueren, Political and World News Editor March 10, 2013

Ever wonder what they are talking about in Washington D.C.?  Fiscal cliff, sequester, supercommittee?  Well, much of the public debate about the growing national debt has centered around Medicare. ...

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