Trick or Treating: The Heights Edition

by Anna Lis and Sondra Nieradka , Chief Photgraphers

On the misty evening of October 31st we took to the streets of Ridgewood and set out on an adventure that has been two years in the making. Some may argue that the age of 17 is a bit too old to go trick or treating; however, with great age comes great responsibility and we were ready to exert this energy on a quest for some candy. Our first stop was Tito’s Burritos because no one should go trick or treating on an empty stomach according to one of the urban legends we were told as children. Tito’s was one of the highlights of the evening seeing that you could literally put anything in a tortilla with some rice and it would taste amazing. With nearly busting overalls we set off with some pillow cases and a mission.

We reaped the benefits of many a hardship that night. If you are not familiar with the Heights, the area consists of extremely large houses and with large houses comes even larger property areas. As teenagers who just got our licenses, our legs are feeble. That being said, the multiple hills and long distances between the houses were not for the weak (or mildly out of shape). We should have known what we were in for. Some were ill-prepared and for the hills we had to conquer and this became evident after the wipeout of a friend who will remain anonymous. After the appropriate amount of giggling and making sure our friend had not encountered any serious danger, we made our way to that door bell and got that candy. Her pride might have suffered, but her tailbone is well on the way to recovery.

As we gleefully made our way from house to house with way more than a hop in our step we were caught dead in our tracks when a man disguised in a scarecrow costume jumped out at us. Let it be known that there were some tears shed. No need to worry though, our struggle was rewarded in the form of full sized candy bars.

Inexperienced trick or treater’s may believe that simply waiting after ringing a doorbell would be the appropriate thing to do. However, our complex minds took up tunes while waiting. Caroling soon commenced with hopes of more king size candy bars. Christmas jingles and the Monster Mash were a few of our choice selections. As we bid those houses adieu we found that our pillow cases had adequately been rewarded.

When the night came to a close our Halloween endeavors proved to be a tremendous success.