New Rock and Roll Burger Place Coming to Town

by Cole Tennant, Social Media Manager

The Grand Opening of Rock N’ The Grill is set for Dec. 1, 2022. The buzz has already made its way around;people are talking about the new place coming to town, Rock N’ The Grill. A new restaurant is moving into the former popular Dunkin Donuts location at 242 Rock Road and Glen Rockers are going to love it. After years of having to travel out of town to Ridgewood or Fair Lawn just to grab a fast burger, we now have to look no further than our own streets.

 This Rock N’ Roll themed restaurant will feature many different food options including burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches and ice cream. They will also offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. 

So far the restaurant has gained popularity before it has even opened. The restaurant’s Social Media Manager said, “We’d really like to thank everyone in town who has been supportive. Everyone who has personally spoken to us in person at the restaurant and everyone on social media as well.” 

Restaurant owner Paul Apostolopoulos purchased the space on Aug. 15, 2022 after moving into town the past winter. Apostolopoulos and his family instantly fell in love with the town and decided to carry his lifelong passion for the restaurant business with him. Apostolopoulos said, “My family and I love Glen Rock, especially living here in town. We can’t wait to open up and be involved in the community even more.”

Apostolopoulos has been in the restaurant business his entire life, one of his first major successes was his food truck in Paterson, which quickly became popular amongst first responders. Prior to that, Apostolopoulos’ father became one of the first Greek Americans to open a restaurant in Delaware. 

Their target audience is the younger generations, specifically teenagers for business and work. It is planned to be a fun, enjoyable place where you can grab a quick burger. The interior will feature kitchen countertops to eat in and outdoor dining throughout the warmer months.  They also plan on getting involved with the community sports and first responders.