Extracurriculars advertise at the Club Walkaround


Photo Credit: Michael Taromina

Students look at extracurriculars at the recent Club Walkaround that happened last Wednesday September 12, 2018. The picture displays the Club Walkaround and the students in the gym at that time.

by Michael Taromina, Staff Writer

The Club Walkaround occurred on September 12, 2018 in the High School Gym. The Club Walkaround’s purpose is to excite kids and to get interested and about joining clubs and exploring different interests and aspects of their lives.

Katherine Bennin, a history teacher organizes this event with Sonia Bawa, a science teacher.

Bennin said her goal for the Walkaround is to get kids to interact with people that share the same personalities and interests with. There were many clubs that were present at the Club Walk around and they all have very different themes and goals including business, art, music, technology, and culture.

The Club Walkaround was moved into the gym due to the weather this year preventing the Walkaround from being outside at the courtyard where it is normally. Fortunately, most clubs got the chance to recruit new members and to give a good presentation at the Walkaround thanks to the old ones.

This year’s Club Walkaround was a success thanks to our student council and teachers that work hard to make events like this possible.