Alumni Special: Meaghan Shick (GRHS Graduate 2002)


Photo Credit: Lilia Wood

Dedicating her life to helping young people with special needs, being a Youth Minister, and coaching a swim team, Meaghan Shick has her hands full — but you’d never know it. Armed with a genuine smile and caring demeanor, she demonstrates her consideration for others every day.

by Lilia Wood, Alumni Writer

Ever since graduating from GRHS in 2002, Meaghan knew she wanted a job that would make a difference in the world; she just didn’t know what it would be. She went to Ramapo College to major in Communications, focusing on film and television. After a year of college, however, she realized that this was not an industry she wanted to work in for the rest of her life.

As a child, Meaghan was diagnosed with and overcame cancer, so she knew she wanted to give back to the community. During her summers, she volunteered at Camp Sunshine, a summer program for children and young adults with multiple disabilities. With the memories of those experiences, Meaghan realized that working with disabled children was what she wanted to do.

Currently, Meaghan works at Alpine Learning Group, a private Autistic School in Paramus, NJ. She loves going to work and helping the same children each day. The children benefit from all the hard work and repetition she puts into teaching them. “You need to have a lot of patience, build a relationship with the child, and be very flexible when being one-on-one with them.” says Meaghan Schick. Along with working at the school, she is a Youth Minister at the church she has attended her whole life. She also coaches a swim team two times a week.

When I got to sit down with Meaghan last week, I asked her what advice she would give to a high school student. She replied, “Have lots of experience in what you want to be and be at a place that you have passion for.”