London, Calling


by Caroline Vizzi, Fashion Editor

The iconic British store, Topshop, and its men’s store, Topman, are expanding their roots in the United States. The store originated in Sheffield, UK and its main store now stands in London. The popularity of Topshop has grown since its beginnings in 1968, and has since opened three stores in the United States: New York, Las Vegas, and Chicago in 2009.

But you won’t have to take another train ride into Manhattan to browse Topshop; the store has opened its own boutiques in Nordstrom stores across America. The British style is definitely a change for Nordstrom’s typical conservative client (compared to Topshop’s trendy consumers). Both companies have hope that the brand will produce a large income of sales. “This will be a new customer for them (Nordstrom), and a new customer for us,” Philip Green, the owner of Topshop, said in an interview at Topshop’s New York store in SoHo (New York Times).

The verdict? I have been to both the Topshop in SoHo and the boutique in Nordstrom. The store in SoHo has a much wider selection, but I must say Nordstrom did a very good job at selecting a smaller, but still stylish amount of clothing that could fit in the boutique. It is absolutely worth the trip over to Garden State Plaza.