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February Athlete of the Month: Ryan McAuley

Ryan McAuley looks to make a save for Glen Rock, as Glen Rock defeated Lakeland 4-2.
March 5, 2018

  Why is he athlete of the month? He was the starting goalie on a very good Glen Rock Hockey team. He has tallied a total of 109 saves, only four goals against and a 0.964 save percentage in six...

Athlete of the Month: Ben Zakowski

Ben Zakowski walks down the field as the team prepares for play to resume.
October 25, 2017

Why is he athlete of the month? He is athlete of the month because he has scored eight goals this month and has helped Glen Rock go to the semifinals in counties vs Ramapo where he also scored a goal....

Athlete of the Month: Joseph McCabe

May 12, 2017

Name: Joe McCabe Why he is “Athlete of the Month”: As a year round runner, McCabe (‘18) participates in cross country during the fall season, winter track and spring track. Recently, McCabe...

Athlete of the Month: Jake Kinney

Athlete of the Month: Jake Kinney
February 15, 2017

Name: Jake Kinney Sport: Hockey Grade: 12 Why is he athlete of the month: Kinney is captain of the high school hockey team along with assistant captains Leo Pawlika, Peter Cassidy, and Colin...

Athlete of the Month: Kelly Lohr

Kelly Lohr scored 23 points in the first game of the Girls' Varsity Basketball season
December 20, 2016

Name: Kelly Lohr Sport: Basketball Grade: 12th Grade Why is she athlete of the week: The girls' varsity basketball team won its opening game against Manchester Regional, in which Kelly Lohr...

Athlete of the Month: Alex Walter

Alex Walter is the co-captain of the cross country team and has won four meets this season, including the League meet.
November 1, 2016

Name: Alex Walter Sport: Cross Country Grade: 11th Grade Why is she athlete of the week: Walter is the current co-captain of the Girl’s Cross Country Team, leading alongside Hannah Vanderwall....

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