February Athlete of the Month: Ryan McAuley


Ryan McAuley looks to make a save for Glen Rock, as Glen Rock defeated Lakeland 4-2.

by James Boisits, Assistant Sports Editor


Why is he athlete of the month? He was the starting goalie on a very good Glen Rock Hockey team. He has tallied a total of 109 saves, only four goals against and a 0.964 save percentage in six games during February.


What keeps him motivated throughout a season? Winning! Nothing motivates Ryan more than seeing his team get a victory.


Why does he love hockey so much? “I just really like playing the sport, it teaches you more than just about itself but it teaches you more about life.”


How long have you played Hockey? Ryan has played ever since he was five years old. “My dad always wanted me to play and I just went from there.”


Do you have any superstitions before games? Ryan likes to listen to rap music before games. His favorite is A$AP Rocky. He also tapes his skates and rolls out before the pre-game meeting.


Who had a big influence for you? “Growing up a Devils fan, I was always motivated to play goalie just watching Martin Brodeur play when I was young.”


How do you react after a bad game? “Everyone’s going to have a bad game no matter how good you are so you just gotta forget about it, work harder the next day at practice and move on to the next game.”


What is your mindset going into a big game? “Just control what you can control because as a goalie you can only control what’s being thrown out at you, so you just gotta be prepared play your hardest because you can’t take anything back.”