Athlete of the Month: Ben Zakowski


Photo Credit: Deborah Cella

Ben Zakowski walks down the field as the team prepares for play to resume.

by James Boisits, Assistant Sports Editor

Why is he athlete of the month? He is athlete of the month because he has scored eight goals this month and has helped Glen Rock go to the semifinals in counties vs Ramapo where he also scored a goal. Zakowski has scored a goal in all four county games, five in total. The team’s success follows.

What keeps him motivated? Winning! “I’m just trying to be a winner and I try to do whatever I can into making that happen.”

What does he do after a rough game or practice? He gets a good rest in and not look behind. “I try to keep my head up and look ahead to the next practice or game and to always keep pushing.”

What does he like to do before games? Zakowski loves to listen to music before his games. Specifically rap. His favorite two artists to listen to are Lil Uzi Vert and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.