Athlete of the Month: Kelly Lohr


Photo Credit: Kelly Lohr

Kelly Lohr scored 23 points in the first game of the Girls’ Varsity Basketball season

by Githmie Goonatilleke, Copy Editor

Name: Kelly Lohr

Sport: Basketball

Grade: 12th Grade

Why is she athlete of the week: The girls’ varsity basketball team won its opening game against Manchester Regional, in which Kelly Lohr scored 23 points. Lohr has scored approximately 820 points in the three years she has been a part of the team.

What are her thoughts on winning: Lohr believes that, “it was really important we come out strong, we have been working really hard in pre-season and we hope to win the league.” Because it was the team’s first game of the season, the win gave Lohr and the other girls, “a push and the motivation to do well the rest of the season.”

What’s the weirdest instruction a coach has ever given you: “For being one of the tallest girls on the team I have been told to cover a 4’11 guard on the other team on defense which was definitely something I am not used to. I have no logical explanation for why my old coach decided that was a good idea but it worked out pretty well in the end.”

What made you start playing basketball: Lohr’s mother and grandfather were an important influence. Lohr began playing basketball in 3rd grade and has, “always loved how fast paced the game was and the adrenaline that came with it.”

Do you have a pre-game routine: “Before each game the team slaps a perfection sign on the wall because as a team we are always striving to reach perfection.”