Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Dowell


Mrs. Dowell is teaching her 8th period freshman gym class. She loves to go to the fitness center and enjoys teaching the freshman about how to properly work out.

Kelly Dowell is a helpful and hardworking teacher at Glen Rock High School. She teaches Physical Education, Health, and Drivers Education, and coaches the girl’s softball team. She has been teaching at GRHS for 16 years, and received the Teacher of the Year award. Additionally, she spoke at the 2018 graduation ceremony. This week of December 17, 2018, she has been named The Glen Echo’s Teacher of the Week.

Dowell couldn’t have more love for the school.“Coming to school every day is great and the students have a big impact on that,” she said. A lot of things help make a day exciting for her.

In the gym, she has the opportunity to help students make memories that will last a lifetime. She enjoys doing many different kinds of physical activities. Her favorite subject to teach is Physical Education. She said, “I love to be able to go outside and inside. Sitting at a desk job for an everyday basis, I don’t think I will be able to do it.”

Being a health teacher also has many benefits. Dowell loves to teach life lessons to the students. “I witness a lot that goes on with friends and family which I can use as an example for the class. Personal experience is knowledge, as much as you want to lecture. If you put your own spin to something, it has a big impact,” she said.

She also enjoys teaching the senior class about situations that will come up in their personal lives. “I think for health, senior health topics like figuring out your values and attractions towards people is good,” she explained. “I do an activity to let the students express themselves and it puts them out there to explore themselves which is unique.”

She loves to teach all different types of lessons and believes that a unit can be most fun when the whole class comes together. She said, “The freshman in the fitness center are having a lot of fun. Everyone participates and it dictates how much fun something may be.”

Over the past 16 years, Dowell has established herself as a memorable teacher at Glen Rock High School. Every day she has the thrill of walking into the school, and every day she enjoys it.


Mrs. Dowell!