A day in the life: Ms. Ruiz

by Katie Mae Yetter, Staff Writer

     In the GRHS English department, there are many gems. However, one you may not know of is Ms. Amanda Ruiz. Brand new to the school this year, Ruiz has been teaching 9th and 10th grade advanced English here for about 7 months. She first found out about this job while working aftercare for the elementary schools and found out she landed it while working as a summer camp counselor with the community school. She was motivated to become a teacher when she worked as a preschool teacher during her junior and senior years of high school. She has lived in many places like Texas and Florida. 

     Ms. Ruiz starts her day off by driving to school and listening to her Spotify playlists. Like the rest of us, she’s a big fan of Ice Spice. She has been a morning person since becoming a teacher and she is most definitely a coffee drinker. Her favorite place is a mom-and-pop shop in Boonton called Boonton Coffee Company. When asked if she was a Dunkin or Starbucks girl she talked about how they don’t have many Dunkins where she’s from. 

     “Starbucks because in Texas, they don’t have Dunkin, the closest Dunkin to me is like 20 minutes away. So I kind of grew up with Starbucks. And with Dunkin, like I really feel like it is a hit or miss. Sometimes it tastes like creek water and then sometimes oh my god this is the best thing ever.”

     Ms. Ruiz spends her spare time in the school either in the courtyard when it’s a nice day or in the English office. She loves making mindless polls and tier lists for all her fellow English teachers. 

     Once Ruiz arrives home, she cooks herself and her boyfriend dinner. She loves to cook and finds it very enjoyable. She finishes her night off with either New Girl or rewatching Game of Thrones with her boyfriend. We are lucky to have her and if you are ever in the English office make sure you stop by and say hello!