Why it is okay that we can’t print from our school issued laptops


by Alyssa Messikian, Staff Writer

Did you know that one student can use up to 10,000 sheets of paper annually. Whether it is printing a last minute history research paper, or going through three or four notebooks per school year, we use a lot of paper…too much paper. In fact, one of the main reasons why students in Glen Rock High School cannot print from their personal school issued laptops is because of the need to save the environment. In my opinion, not being able to print from our school laptops has reasonable benefits.

Although we are not able to print on demand, our teachers give us the option of sharing documents via Google Drive which later can be printed in the school’s library. One main reason why not being able to print from our laptops is a good thing is because many assignments have been shifted online. For example, Financial Literacy assessments have been moved to Google Drive.

Many students claim that not being able to print from school laptops is actually better because if they were responsible for printing assignments, they would easily forget. Also, they wouldn’t be plagued with printer problems that hold them back from finishing homework or projects. Now, many students can just simply turn in their completed work.