Why we need to be able to print directly from our laptops

by Riya Divekar, Staff Writer

The great new addition of computers for each student in our school is extremely convenient. But, what happens when you have to print out that five page research paper in school, which is due the next period? Oh, all you have to do is go through the process of emailing it to the media center specialist, and you’re good! But, why can’t we print out our assignments directly from our computers?

Students should be able to print directly from any school printer, so that the entire process is made effortless and uncomplicated. Everytime we have to print out an assignment we have to send an email out to the media center specialist, and he, or she will print the document. This process takes a long time, and is inconvenient for students, and the specialist.

The infuriating thing, is that sometimes, the specialist is absent! This can make a student more stressed out, because they might have to hand in the assignment in 5 minutes. Unfortunately, there is enough homework to stress us all out. But, when we need an immediate print, we should be able to get one by the click of a single button, in school. Many students do not own printers. Instead of going to the public library to print for 15 cents a page, I would rather print for free in school.  

When I had to print out a 10 page research paper, I was out of ink. I decided to come to school early to print it out, since I had to hand it in during the first period. The desk where the specialist usually sits was empty, and I desperately needed to print. I tried to use one of the middle school computers, but I was told that I couldn’t, because ‘I was in the high school.’ I frantically got my print, by going to one of my teachers. All this time, I wondered why I couldn’t just use my laptop! Using it would’ve saved me more brain power!

Photo Credit : Unsplash

In our generation, technology is thriving and blossoming. Most schools don’t operate without it. Some students argue that if printing directly from laptops was accessible to students, they’d misuse the resources. Also, others argue that going paperless is the key. But, in today’s world, it is de rigueur, meaning requisite, for people to avoid using phones, laptops and computers in their lives. Whether we like it or not, the world is advancing, and soon, we might have robots doing work for us, and driver less cars!