New history teacher joins staff


Drew Forgash smiles for a picture under the American Flag in a history room

by Sophie Molloy, Staff Writer

Glen Rock High School welcomes Drew Forgash, formerly a student teacher from Edison High School to the History department.

Ms. Forgash will be teaching U.S. History II Honors, U.S. History 1, and Documentary Film. She is the new class adviser for the Class of 2021 with English teacher Kim Crooks.

“It provides a different environment, and as a teacher you are always looking for ways to challenge yourself,” Forgash said. “A small school comes with a bunch of its own characteristics and challenges.”

Forgash said that she had been impressed with the school ranking and was interested in trying out a smaller school with a different environment.

“Once I met with different members of the administration, I felt very comfortable here, and I felt that I could fit in well with the people here,” Forgash said.

Forgash hopes to stay at the high school and learn from her experiences teaching here. When you’re teaching you should be learning with your students so you can help them as they change and grow, she said.

After working in a restaurant, she explored electives in college to find out what she truly wanted to do in life.

“I’m a big list person, so I would do pro and con lists. I list things I wanted to accomplish, I would list things that I knew I wanted in a career, and I just kept coming back to teaching,” Forgash said. This sentiment would have surprised Forgash earlier in her life, as she once told herself that she was “never going to become a teacher.”

Forgash is a proud graduate of Rutgers University for both her B.A. and M.A. degrees. She received two B.A.s in History and Spanish as a double major and graduated with an M.A. in Social Studies. She loves being a student and learning from other people.  

“Here I am, and I’m glad I’m here,” Forgash said.