New college mini-scholarship program introduced


Photo Credit: Jenny DeStefano

Freshman Megan Mulholland reviews her Latin textbook before an upcoming test.

by Jenny DeStefano, Staff Writer

A program called Raise.Me will allow for students to obtain miniature scholarships.

Any student achieving grades in the A and B ranges is eligible to apply. The program’s website allows pupils to access all information regarding the fund in detail.

“This program will allow students to save money and will also help more kids to get involved and aim for higher grades,” freshman Jessie Malo said.

The extra cash can allot for a financial boost in the process of paying for college and may be earned simply through awards or good grades one has procured.

When preparing for college, students connected with Raise.Me may see increased financial opportunities, heightened community value, and a sense of their academics’ purpose.

“I think this is a great way to encourage both good grades and independence,” Maggie Hopkins, a parent, said.

At times, the intensive classes that one is taking or the high grades that one is achieving may seem pointless besides accounting for part of a GPA. Nonetheless, the eligibility for Raise.Me’s micro-scholarships may affect students by pushing them to aim for As or challenging themselves with tougher classes. Despite its grade motivation, the guidance administration recommends that families interested do their research beforehand to grasp the whole concept.

“We like the program. We think it’s a great motivator for students,” guidance administrator Mr. Lawrence Wolff said. “We also encourage students and parents to call both the company and the colleges so that they fully understand how this thing works.”

Community service projects may seem unattainable to students engaged in school sports or other extra-curricular activities. However, when offered the opportunity of Raise.Me, students may have an incentive to participate in outer projects within the community and become more involved in the community as a result.

“The most important aspect is that it gives my daughter a sense that she is contributing to her own college education,” Hopkins said. “I think this will make her value it more.”

By contributing even a few hundred dollars to the tuition deposit, the Raise.Me micro-scholarships can decrease projected student debt.

“If there is a student who has the grades and involvement for college, but maybe not the money, this could change how they view college,” Malo said. “This program could help allow them to go to college so they have a good job in the future when maybe they felt that college was not an option due to financial issues.”

Previously, such events as the annual College Fair pertained to Glen Rock’s collegiate involvement. Now, with the introduction of this program, alumni are opened up to various opportunities to associate themselves with institutes.

Raise.Me’s future is unclear, as there is a possibility of additional aspects forthcoming.

“School can be very frustrating and stressful, as I get hours worth of homework,” Malo said. “But this program makes the time and effort I put into academics and sports worth it.”