Stolen bike returned to Glen Rock family


Photo Credit: Julia Blando

Damien Blando’s stolen bike.

by Julia Blando, Senior Staff Writer

On Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8, a bike was stolen from the Blando family while they were entertaining guests.

Sitting in the kitchen at 5 p.m., the large Italian family was too busy to look out the window to see two young teenage boys walk up their driveway, and casually pick up the bike sitting in the driveway and walk away.

The boys were seen by the Hawthorne police on their way to Paterson, walking the bike, which had a punctured tire due to riding on a nail. The boys were questioned by police, and admitted that it had been recently been stolen.

I saw the little boy start crying. Hopefully he’s scared enough not to live a life of crime.

— MaryLou Ratuis, grandmother

“It was the house with the ramp,” one of the boys told police.

Less than fifteen minutes later, two cop cars arrived at the family gathering, and asked for a parent.

“We thought they’d yell at us for letting my brothers and parents park on the road,” Janeen Blando, mother and house owner, said. Janeen walked out the back door to the police cars, and saw two African American boys sitting in the back seat. The cop opened his trunk, and asked if this bike looked familiar.

“Yes, that’s my son’s,” she said.