Hungry for candy, Glen Rock students discuss Halloween treats


Photo Credit: Dan Frissora

Did you know that four of the leading chocolate candies are simply versions of the same basic structure?

This past Halloween was the first time trick-or-treaters could go out since 2010, and everyone was buzzing over candies they hadn’t received in a long time.  Many students embarked on a journey from door-to-door, in quest of as much candy as possible.

Lots of this year’s trick-or-treaters have a certain candy that they like more than others, and they usually try to get a lot of that one special candy. So, The Glen Echo asks: “What is your favorite candy, and why?”

“My favorite candy is definitely Reese’s. I’m a big fan of chocolate, and a big fan of peanut butter, so when they’re brought together, it’s a delicious combination.” –TJ Begg, junior at GRHS.

“I think I have to go with the York Peppermint patty. I really enjoy things that are chocolate and minty.” – Michelle Greeley, 11th grade.

“Ever since I was little I’ve always really liked Butterfingers. I think it’s because I really like peanut butter.” – Ryan Castellano, Glen Rock High School student.

“Twix. It’s so… good!” – Tog Hirschfeld, junior at GRHS.

“Gotta love them flavored tootsie rolls. They’re just so exciting and new. I love trying new candy, and these flavored tootsie rolls are a nice alternative to the regular chocolate ones.” – Khalil Williams, student-athlete at Glen Rock High School.

“My favorite has to be Kit Kat bars. They’re nice and simple, just chocolate, crunchy candy bars.” – Josh Frissora, GRHS freshman.

As for myself, I like Snickers, because they are the final evolution of a series of developing candy bars.

Allow me to explain, as not many people consider the logical development of candy bars:

  1. Hershey Bars- just a plain, simple, chocolate bar.
  2. Kit Kat Bars- A chocolate bar, but with crisp cookie-like wafers inside.
  3. Twix- A cookie wrapped in chocolate, also containing caramel.
  4. Snickers- A candy bar with chocolate, cookies, and caramel, but this time adding peanuts.

This leaves 4 types of candy bars for people with different likes and dislikes. If one does not like peanuts, caramel, or cookies, they can stick with just a Hershey’s bar. For those that like cookies and chocolate, but not caramel or peanuts, they can stick with the Kit Kat bar. If one like chocolate and cookies, as well as caramel, they would be certain to enjoy a tasty Twix bar. And finally, if one likes all of these components, (chocolate, cookies, caramel, and peanut butter,) I would say Snickers are the cookie for you.

Signing off,

Dan Frissora. Authorized Food Specialist