Glen Rock’s Pasta Day


Photo Credit: Lilia Wood

Offering some variety to the daily menu, Pomptonian hosted Pasta Day on October 29th.

The mustachioed-man and faint Italian music took students by surprise on Tuesday, when GRHS & MS served freshly-made pasta during lunch periods.

Pomptonian Food Service, the company that provides the cafeteria’s food, hosted fresh pasta day to add variety to students’ ordinary lunch period menus. The purveyor of food has hosted these events for ten to fifteen years, even selling sushi, barbeque, and omelets for lunch.

Frank, the man who served the pasta, said, “A lot of students like to buy the pasta in the bags.”

On Tuesday, October 29th, the pasta came with a choice of marinara and alfredo sauce.  Another option for students was to buy pasta by the pound and bring it home to their families for dinner.

“I think pasta day is a fun way for kids to enjoy lunch with culture involved,” said a junior at Glen Rock High School.