Rock Out


Photo Credit: Brendan Geen

Thinking of School of Rock? We thought so to — let’s see if Mr. Levi and his ‘motley crew’ can deliver a smashing performance.

Glen Rock High School has added another club to its list of after school activities, but this one is very different than all of the others.

The school has had a marching band for years, but this will be the first year that there has been a Glen Rock Rock Band in the high school.

The Glen Rock Rock Band was started this year by Mr. Levi, who is a physics teacher at Glen Rock high school. He said he got the original idea from Fair Lawn high school, which has their own rock band called The Boptones. The band has already attracted around 35 students to its first meeting, which was last Wednesday.

When asked if he enjoys being the leader of the band, Mr. Levi chuckled and said “I have yet to decide. I love the band atmosphere, and it’s something I love to do.”

Everyone in the band is assigned a part and given time to learn his/her part alone. Then, every couple of weeks, the band is planning on having a meeting and bringing the whole thing together.

The band is planning on playing music from all different genres. Junior Sam Halpert Rodis said, “We play mostly covers. We actually had a poll to see which songs we wanted to do, and we will find out in the next couple weeks.”

Mr. Levi explained that he wants to “play songs from all different genres and have equal representation”. Anything from jazz to hip hop will be considered by the band.

The band will be performing at Glenstock this year. They are trying to plan another performance for later this year as well, so stay tuned for any news about that and do your best to make it out. This is absolutely a local band worth hearing.