GRHS successfully raises almost $500 for TEEEM through series of fundraisers

by Juha Kim, Staff Writer

     TEEEM is a group supporting Kenya through fundraising, bake sales, and other events. It was a fundraiser for kids who are in Kenya who can’t buy shoes. For every $20, one kid can be gifted a pair of shoes.

     There are different ways people can show support or donate, recently in school, donations have been made with cash and through Venmo. Mr. Rowan, one of the high school history teachers, was in charge of one of the events that was going around the school.

     “We are very appreciative for all contributions no matter how small, we had some that were 50 cents, while we had some were $50 and everywhere in between,” Rowan said.

     There are a lot of people who are donating and supporting Kenya which surprises both Mr. Rowan and Joseph Matara. Matara is the head of the GRACE School in Kenya that TEEEM has paired with GRHS. After the fundraisers, the Glen Rock Middle and High schools made a combined $479.42. TEEEM and other people who are supporting Kenyans are really thankful for people out there who are supporting this idea and this event because it’s something that is kind and something that can make you feel good about yourself too. Not by just helping those people, but by the fact that you are standing up and choosing to help the community.

     These ideas are currently spreading around the school and other different places. This a good sign for TEEEM because then a lot more people will be donating and bettering life for people who are in need.

     Students who are interested into these types of topics and would like to join the club, here are some ways you can join: 1.) Ask a person who is already in the club (mostly seniors). 2.) Contact Mr. Rowan, his email is [email protected].