Student-run ASL group breaks common club practice

by Romy Timem, Staff Writer

Soe Behar, founder and president of the new ASL group, paves the path for student run GRHS clubs and interest groups. On Oct. 4, 2021, the first of many ASL group meetings took place in the Glen Rock High School,with a classroom consisting solely of students.

Many New Jersey schools have already integrated ASL into student life,such as Ramapo Regional, and all Trenton Schools. Whether it be that ASL is offered as an academic course or just for exploration, it is a widely exercised language in many American Schools. In Glen Rock High School, however, the language is not offered through the school. This is why Behar decided to start an ASL interest group. 

“I am really excited because this is a language that is not offered in school. The group is really for people who are actually interested in learning the language. You don’t show up to an ASl group to get credit.”

The group plans on integrating outside sources, like youtube videos and lessons,  and people into the group’s weekly meetings. This includes Behar’s aunt, who was raised in a home with two deaf parents.

In the United States, less than 1% of people use A.S.L. on a normal day to day basis.  In the United States alone, 600,000 people are deaf. This means that only approximately 500,000 people out of 48 million people use the language.

“I want to create a community where there is an expansion of human knowledge and interest in ASL. ASL is so important to learn, especially now.”  Behar explains.

The interest groups biggest goal of the year is an end of the year trip. The trip will be to Deaf’s Delight Cafe in Newark.

“We hope that by the end of the year members will have learned enough sign language to hold a simple conversation with one of the restaurant’s employees.”