Glen Rock Students Build Pathways for Those in Need

Pathways club was establish with assistance from Principal Arlotta to help children with special needs.


Working with children with special needs, Pathways is working to make a difference.

Pathways members lead the way, inspiring students to get involved and help others.

Pathways, a club at Glen Rock High School, guides students to work with children with special needs from Elementary schools. The idea of the program is to organize activities with the kids, such as bowling, movie nights, and arts and crafts.

Last year, Pathways was founded and tried  to gain membership and expand the program. Yet at the same time, the students and faculty involved tried to make a difference in the lives of the kids with special needs they were helping. Each year, new goals are to be set and different activities are to be arranged. This year in particular, the club is also increasing the number of kids that participate.

Lead Pathways mentor, Erica Melz, became involved when she discovered a passion for helping children.  She started teaching dance classes to children with special needs. She joined the club when she was a junior but became lead mentor through her hard work and dedication to the children. “After being with the kids,” she said, “I feel rewarded, and I love to make them happy.”

Pathways is always trying to expand, and there are many ways you can get involved. You can help plan an event or participate at an event. You can also get hands-on training at the annual training session.